Sergio Barro welcomes you to:
"The Porcelain Jungle"



Dear friend and colleague,

thank you for checking my website out.

During this "Covid-19 emergency" I created some "Porcelain Jungle Post It" slides in order to try to help my customers to refresh some ideas as well as keeping myself busy with hopefully productive information.

These slides are basically answers to the following questions:

  • How come there are digital porcelain tiles ranked UGL (UNGLAZED) and GL (GLAZED)?
  • Are all polished porcelain treated/nanotechnology sealed? Why do they perform differently?
  • Slip and fall, Dynamic Coefficient of Friction, indoor and outdoor? Why ex-Ansi 137.1 now Ansi 3263 not reliable/ideal for outdoor guidance? What to look for on DIN 51130 (Ramp Testing) or Pendolum Test?
  • Abrasion test PEI testing vs Deep Abrasion Test...Mohs Scale?
  • Why do some digital porcelain tiles are way "deeper looking" more realistic than other ones?
  • Grout Haze, Stains, Porosity on Porcelain and their solutions?
  • Digital porcelain decoration technology vs traditional decoration technology, what are the differences?
  • Optical hazing and shadowing on polished porcelains?
  • How many faces? How many D.P.I./"pixels"...what are we talking abt.?
  • Lippage, warpage, grout joints, etc.

Since the creation of this website (2005....) porcelain composition, sizes, thicknesses but above all its decoration, has changed quite a bit.

I recommend you focus on the Digital Decoration and only if you have time to go through "history" can check the other memos related to "technical porcelains" and other general info.

The following information support no manufacturer in particular, pictures, drawings, etc. have been borrowed or created to solely provide a visual back up for a better understanding of related subjects.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!